At Skv Optics and Merch we intent to forge forward with iconic styles of the future, adapting to the latest modern technology and trends.

Hello and welcome to Skv!

The inspiration for Skv optics and merch goes way back to the 90’s, when it was my job to sponsor some of the worlds top endurance athletes with sunglasses endorsement deals. I supported and drove exposure for Killer Loop, X-Ray and Ray Ban worldwide. I even helped Bausch & Lomb drive their exposure during the Olympic games.

Throughout my experiences traveling and attending some of the largest sporting events, I was constantly searching for products that would meet my personal standards for training and racing. I began envisioning having my own brand that would someday showcase optics and merchandise. After months of collaborating with my manufacturer on designs, Skv optics and merch came to life.

Performance driven, athlete tested and designed in Colorado, Skv optics is ideal for cycling, running and hiking. Additionally, the company is planning to launch a line of products specialized for racing and training. Stay tuned for more details about this exciting new merch, as well as new styles and products that will be adding to our inventory quarterly!

We are a new start-up and small e-store. Unfortunately, this also means that we are not providing sponsorships at this time. Please reach-out if you feel that you are deserving of a pro-deal.

As we move forward we look forward to growing our brand and supporting endurance athletes worldwide.

Coming Spring 2022.

Charles Trujillo